WAMCon & WAMFest was a bloody time and a half. I was invited to come along to the Regional Roundtable which was such a fab day - big thanks to the legend Nigel Bird for including me. The speakers were so great. Here are some of the absolute gems I picked up along the way…

‘The history of music is about to be re-written.’

‘You need to treat [digital content] like your job. You need to tell yourself that creating good content is all I do.’

‘Every listening cycle (reel to reel, vinyl, cassette, CD, digital downloads) lasts about 15 years. We’re halfway through the streaming cycle already.’

- Richard Moffat

‘Music is the communal thing that counteracts the individuality of being mortal.’

‘Music is a core part of every human beings life story.’

‘Music accesses part of the nervous system that language doesn’t reach.’

- Professor Alan Harvey

Great Gable also played the most killer set and it was 10/10 good times. I forgot my camera which was a bummer but snapped some phone pics anyway.

Photo 4-11-18, 8 40 34 am.jpg
Photo 4-11-18, 8 41 26 am.jpg
Photo 5-11-18, 11 16 02 am.jpg
Photo 13-11-18, 6 58 11 pm.jpg